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News & Events

17 January 2021

As promised, EQUIPT always offers the highest quality of products with Antonio Merloni, the Italian leading Gas... more

BENEFIT From Our Monthly Promotions!    
EQUIPT (a brand of IPT), is offering massive discounts on a wide range of different types of vacuum cleaners. BENEFIT NOW from this hot deal on EQUIPT's vacuum cleaner: “SC-10L” now... more
Deposit Safe: Recommended Now More than Ever!    
During this difficult economic crisis, it's advisable to keep your valuables, important papers, portable items and money safe.  The Deposit Safe, Ample-D-25ZW from the leader brand AIPU, is... more
Complete Oil Equipment Solutions from Equipt     
To those involved in the oil industry!  Our company is a supplier of many renowned International brands.  EQUIPT, a brand of IPT, offers a wide range of quality oil equipment for sale... more
5 Digit Fuel Dispensers Available at Equipt     
Looking for a fuel dispenser with flexible price digits? Find a wide range of new generation dispensers at Equipt, a brand of IPT. These dispensers can take up to 5 digits for the unit price. ... more
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