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News & Events

05 December 2018

Somewhere on the planet Kärcher cleaning equipment is purchased every...

The New Lanfeng® Dispensers are here to Guarantee a Fast Service    
If you are a station owner/manager, this news would be of a great interest for you.   When filling gas, delivering fast service is a major component to ensure high levels of customer... more
For a Professional Windshield Cleaning, choose this Island Service Center    
Due to the novelty of its concept and the unique products it offers, EQUIPT was especially conceived to be the “Petroleum Equipment Superstore” of Lebanon. Today, we shed the... more
Karcher® Vacuum for Professional Applications: On Sale!    
At EQUIPT, We understand the demands of your business, whatever market sector you operate in. That's why we offer you Karcher, the global provider of cleaning technology. Karcher NT65/2... more
Here is Why You Need The Tools Carrying Trolley    
Working in a clean and organized environment will help you and your employees reduce stress, find tools easier, thus think clearer and work more efficiently. Repair or maintenance work?... more
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