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News & Events

05 December 2018

Somewhere on the planet Kärcher cleaning equipment is purchased every...

Why You Need the Deposit Safe (Ample-D-69CS)    
Worried about your cash money?   Now it's time to buy the deposit safe you need. For this, EQUIPT recommends the Deposit Safe (Ample-D-69CS) from the leader brand AIPU. As a secure deposit... more
Know More about this Waste Oil Suction Drainer    
Do you recommend a regular and periodic Oil change to your customers? We make the process easy, and no more of a hassle on you! Whether you own/manage a gas station or garage, EQUIPT offers you... more
Aboveground & Underground Antonio Merloni Gas Tanks    
As promised, EQUIPT always offers the highest quality of products herewith Antonio Merloni, the Italian leading Gas Tank manufacturer in Europe which has invested a lot in technology and... more
The New Lanfeng® Dispensers are here to Guarantee a Fast Service    
If you are a station owner/manager, this news would be of a great interest for you.   When filling gas, delivering fast service is a major component to ensure high levels of customer... more
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