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News & Events

17 January 2021

As promised, EQUIPT always offers the highest quality of products with Antonio Merloni, the Italian leading Gas... more

Your One-stop Shop For Station Equipment    
EQUIPT, member of IPT Group, caters all your gas station needs with a large variety of internationally acclaimed machinery and accessory brands.   You will find a large variety of renowned... more
Why You Need the High-flow Dispenser Series    
Are you looking for flexible and more profitable fueling solution for Diesel vehicles?    Give your customers a fast and easy fueling experience thanks to EQUIPT's high-flow dis... more
The Must-Have Deposit Safe: Recommended Now More than Ever!    
During this difficult economic crisis, it's advisable to keep your valuables, important papers and money safe.   The Deposit Safe Ample-D-69CS from the leader brand AIPU, is ideal for your... more
"IPT Gas Solutions": Full Service for Homes & Businesses    
Recently, all of us have witnessed the consequences of the Beirut blast.   Has your home or business been affected? Are you looking for a gas installation system? IPT can assist... more
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