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Total Control Systems is a leading ISO-9001 certified manufacturer of piston and rotary positive displacement flow meters located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
All meters are designed with the highest quality to provide superior performance in custody-transfer measurement of refined fuels, LPG, fertilizers, chemicals, alcohols, and solvents.  Marketed to provide application-driven flow meter solutions for vehicles, dispensers, and fixed-site installations, we provide a full line of accessory equipment including strainers, air and vapor eliminators, control valves, pulse transmitters, and mechanical or electronic registration to complete system requirements.
Meters are designed and created using sound engineering principles, automated test cells, and state-of-the-art computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines in a world-class manufacturing facility.  Each flow meter is built from stock and completely assembled and tested by highly skilled members of our production team, who strive for excellence in workmanship and quality.
Our reputation for providing innovative, high-quality, and reliable fluid measurement products is coupled with our sense of customer-driven services.  Our first priority is to help our customers achieve increased productivity and provide value to your business today and tomorrow.   

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