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About Equipt

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  • EQUIPT petroleum equipment store is established by IPT Group Holding s.a.l. to answer the Lebanese market's direct demand for equipment for the petroleum industry..
  • EQUIPT’s equipment, accessories and spare parts also cater to the needs of factories, hotels, malls, cinemas.

Services &Solutions

In the same year, EQUIPT broadens the scope of its services and solutions to include:
  • repair & maintenance
  • field service
  • installation & removal
  • design & layout consulting
  • fuel control systems
  • LPG solutions
  • above and underground systems
  • and more


EQUIPT signs an agreement with Lanfeng. This makes EQUIPT an official importer and distributor for this prominent global fuel and gas dispensers' manufacturer.

Offshore activities

EQUIPT launches EQUIPT Offshore s.a.l. and starts carrying out offshore activities.


  • EQUIPT introduces the first and only touch-free car wash in Lebanon: the revolutionary Laserwash.
  • EQUIPT becomes the sole distributor for Laserwash in Lebanon through an agreement signed with PDQ inc. (the world’s leading manufacturer of touch-less car wash equipment).


EQUIPT introduces a new sister company specialized in automotive accessories: AutoGadget.
AutoGadget is an exclusive concept that boasts an intriguing range of:
  • innovative car gadgets and accessories for cars, bikes and motorsports
  • car tuning
  • spare parts
  • fitting for trucks

With stores, kiosks and stands throughout Lebanon, AutoGadget satisfies the trendiest car gadget fans.

Dora showroom Karcher

EQUIPT launches a new showroom in Dora-Beirut to cater to the needs of the oil sector and other related sectors in the Greater Beirut region.

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