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5 Digit Fuel Dispensers Available at Equipt


Looking for a fuel dispenser with flexible price digits? Find a wide range of new generation dispensers at Equipt, a brand of IPT. These dispensers can take up to 5 digits for the unit price.     

More specifications: 

● Flow rates: 50 to 160 L/min 
● Available with Stainless Steel Side  
● Gasoline / Diesel Products 
● Emergency Stop Button 

The fuel dispensers are available at Equipt showroom in Amchit. Explore the full range by visiting us or by logging into our Website.

Consistent high quality and reasonable price and performance ratio have always been EQUIPT’S commitment to its customers.  

We are available to answer all your questions Monday to Friday from 8:00AM till 5:30PM.You can email us anytime on: cs@iptgroup.com.lb 



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