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Antonio Merloni

Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.A. is a European leader in the manufacture of LPG storage products largely used for the distribution of LPG throughout the markets. The company started over 50 years ago with the construction of LPG cylinders and subsequently in the '70's started the manufacture of small bulk LPG storage tanks.

Much attention is given to the designing and large investments have been made in technology and automation so to obtain the best quality products for which the company is well known.

All the LPG storage tanks, from 500lt. upto 12500lt. capacity, are manufactured in accordance with ISPESL Raccolta "VSR", "M", "S" and European Directives 97/23/CE, in line with EN 14075 (underground) and EN 12542 (aboveground). Both underground and aboveground tank's construction designs are approved with project temperature range -40°C +50°C. All the tanks are marked CE including the equipment fitted on all our tanks.

The large stock of all our tank range, both aboveground and underground, is highly appreciated by our customers giving them the possibility to collect a variety of tanks immediately after their order confirmation.


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