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A.D. PRODUZIONE SRL was founded in 1997, in Settimo M.se (Milan, Italy), by Messrs Alfredo De Luca and Walter Intini. The company manufactures accessories for self-service and automatic car wash facilities, including: vacuum cleaners, interior cleaners, floor mat cleaners, chamois wringers, paper and chamois dispensers, dryers, etc... Despite starting out as a small enterprise, A.D. PRODUZIONE SRL has expanded significantly over time and has enjoyed notable growth, both in terms of the size of the company itself and from a commercial point of view. In fact, international sales are booming, especially in Europe, as are sales in the domestic Italian market. This growth is built firmly on Quality, one of the cornerstones of our business philosophy. In fact, A.D. PRODUZIONE SRL is recognised throughout Italy and abroad as a leader in self-service car wash accessory manufacturers, thanks to its premium-quality and consistently cutting-edge products; to this end, Messrs De Luca and Intini are continually striving to invent new self-service machines in order to meet the diverse needs of their customers. The end result of all this is exceptional after-sales performance; thanks to the company’s ‘quality philosophy’, A.D. PRODUZIONE SRL is able to minimise the occurrence of technical problems arising from its products.



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