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Waste Oil Suction Drainer (APAC-1839)

Waste Oil Suction Drainer (APAC-1839)
600$ (TTC)


Waste oil wheeled tank extractor, with inspection chamber, level indicator, 6 probes kit with different diameters and plastic tool-tray .Pneumatic emptying of the tank. The inspection chamber allows verifying the suctioned oil quality and the quantity. For a better watching of the oil level, the inspection chamber is equipped with an internal cleaning system which allows cleaning the chamber inspiring a little quantity of diesel or any other non aggressive detergent.

Technical Specification:

Max. Vacuum (Bar):

Suction Speed (L/min): 1.5-2 

Tank capacity (L): 80

Max.Drain Capacity (L):65

Discharge pressure (Bar):0.5

Chamber capacity (L): 9

Tray Capacity (L) :12

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