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Aboveground & Underground Antonio Merloni Gas Tanks


As promised, EQUIPT always offers the highest quality of products herewith Antonio Merloni, the Italian leading Gas Tank manufacturer in Europe which has invested a lot in technology and automation.

Serving the demands of homes, businesses, factories, restaurants, and hotels, and much more, EQUIPT supplies you with Aboveground and Underground Antonio Merloni gas tanks with a capacity of 500, 1000 and 1750 Liters, for kitchens, heating systems, chimneys, boilers, and barbecues, etc.

These tanks are known by their high standard & quality; They are certified products that come with high corrosion resistant material, and are equipped with liquid and vapor phase delivery valves. As an additional safety measure, all underground tanks are offered with a protection package lying in a marsupio cover to increase the level of protection against corrosion.

With EQUIPT's extensive offerings and competitive prices, we are here to ensure you a safe, efficient and economical solution.

For more info, please do not hesitate to call us on 09- 624 111 (ext: 305) or email us on: info@equipt.com.lb 


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