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The New Lanfeng® Dispensers are here to Guarantee a Fast Service


If you are a station owner/manager, this news would be of a great interest for you.


When filling gas, delivering fast service is a major component to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. For this, EQUIPT offers you the new Lanfeng® dispensers JDK50-LS-4241 that help you answer the needs of your customers, especially during high fuel consumption.


Lanfeng® JDK50-LS-4241 has many features. It allows you to fuel many cars at the same time, and gives you the flexibility to fill 2 products; gasoline and diesel. As well, for safety purposes, it has an emergency stop button. 

What else? It is equipped with a LED screen and an LCD screen for advertisement purposes. Click here to know more about the specs. 

In the era of speed, one should act fast! Buy your dispenser now and see the difference.


To order, contact EQUIPT team on 09- 624 111 (ext: 305), or e-mail us on info@equipt.com.lb 

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