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Experience Optimal Safety & More Options with the New Fuel Dispensers from Lanfeng


Following the high demand on brand-new dispensers, EQUIPT recommends you to switch to the new LS and LA dispensers Series from Lanfeng, available at EQUIPT showroom.

Experience optimal safety, and discover various options and long lasting features with the New Gasoline/Diesel dispensers:

LS Series: Lanfeng (JDK50-LS-4241)

• equipped with LED and LCD screens
• equipped with emergency stop and electrostatic discharge (ESD)

LA Series: Lanfeng (JDK50-LA)

• equipped with emergency stop
• available with stainless steel side
• available in 3 options: One Product One Nozzle, One Product Two Nozzles, Two Products Two Nozzles

Wait no more! 

Visit EQUIPT showroom at IPT Headquarters in Amchit. Our team is always available to offer you advisory sales and after-sales services.

Call us today to order your machine: 09- 624 111 (ext: 305). 

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