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Why a Waste Oil Suction Drainer is a Must-Have

Do you recommend a regular and periodic oil change to your customers? We make the process easy, and no more of a hassle on you!

Whether you own/manage a gas station or garage, EQUIPT offers you the Waste Oil Suction Drainer (APAC-1839), now at a discounted price of 600$ (TTC).

The Waste Oil Suction Drainer (APAC-1839) is ideal when carrying out a rapid engine oil change on any vehicle. Perfectly practical and versatile to all car types, it is also adaptable to any location; it helps you save space, time and effort since there is no need for an oil change bay and lift.

No more oil stains; APAC-1839 guarantees a clean working environment as opposed to the conventional draining method.

The inspection chamber allows verifying the suctioned oil quality and quantity. To ensure an accurate oil level, the inspection chamber is equipped with an internal cleaning system which allows cleaning the chamber using very little quantity of diesel or any other non aggressive detergent.

Order your equipment now through calling EQUIPT on 09- 624111 (ext: 305)

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