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For a Professional Windshield Cleaning, choose this Island Service Center

Due to the novelty of its concept and the unique products it offers, EQUIPT was especially conceived to be the “Petroleum Equipment Superstore” of Lebanon.

Today, we shed the light on the distinguished cleaning articles that you find at EQUIPT, most importantly the Island Service Center (DCI-755424).

Ideal for gas stations, the Island Service Center (DCI-755424) is the perfect solution for double-sided islands and high-traffic locations since it adds convenience by servicing both sides of the pump island with double-sided windshield service centers. All units are equipped with two towel buckets, two 2-gallon water buckets, two squeegees and an extra-large capacity waste container. Raised towel and water buckets allow easy access to squeegee and towel dispensers.

Windshield cleaning has never been easier and more efficient!

Top up your services with this professional cleaning article that you can find at EQUIPT superstore in Amchit, and see the results. Click here to know more about the specs.

Order your machine now by calling EQUIPT on 09- 624 111 (ext: 305), or e-mail us on info@equipt.com.lb

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