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Why You Need the Deposit Safe (Ample-D-69CS)


Worried about your cash money?


Now it's time to buy the deposit safe you need. For this, EQUIPT recommends the Deposit Safe (Ample-D-69CS) from the leader brand AIPU.

As a secure deposit safe, you can benefit from a quick storage for valuables without access inside safe; the reason that makes it ideal not only for home use but also for business use.


For instance, if you own/manage a gas station, your employees can have the access to deposit cash inside, without having the access to open it. Same thing applies to other businesses especially those that involve accounting and cash deposit.

Available in light and dark grey, the Ample-D-69CS is spacious in size and can store your valuable money.

Call us on 09- 624 111 (ext: 305) to order your safe box.

For more info, visit EQUIPT website on this link: equipt.com.lb/ample-d-69cs-tb

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